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Thank you for your interest in Intelligent Reminder. We hope that this product becomes a part of your ever-expanding repetoire of personal Android-based Smart Phone productivity apps. It was certainly conceived of for that purpose.


What brought about the conception of Intelligent Reminder? Anyone who owns a Smart Phone of any brand can certainly remember the sense of awe you experienced as you became exposed to more and more of its capabilities. It was reminiscent of being 16 years old again, and just starting to drive. What power! What independence! The truth is that Smart Phones do indeed open you up to a new world of productivity possibilities.

The co-author of Intelligent Reminder had an IPhone, and was particularly struck by this idea of being able to download independently written applications ... which, at the time, put the IPhone in a class by itself. Being of a productivity-sensitive nature, he soon conceived of a simple, yet highly effective app for his phone ... something that so obviously blended and enhanced today's conditions of life as to almost be a paradigm-shift. He couldn't wait to get his hands on one of them! How much time this was going to save him -- daily! Imagine his dismay when, search as he may, he couldn't find one that fit this simple idea. It was only much later that he realized the reason for this: such an app -- though quite simple in nature -- nevertheless, necessitated a kind of technological power that the IPhone just plain doesn't have. Thankfully, Google came on the scene and manufactured the Android operating system, opening the door for this app, and many others like it which will bring the Smart Phone to a new level, far surpassing the IPhone.

So, what's this "paradigm-shifting" idea, anyway?

The best way to tell you is to describe a condition very common in today's world, and then let you judge for yourself if Intelligent Reminder indeed effectively addresses this condition.

You've planned on running some errands on the way home from work. You can pick up the dog-food and kitty litter at the Pet's Mart, and there's an Office Mate right next door ... so you can get those ink cartridges you need. Lastly, you duck into the food store to pick up the rest of the things on your list. (Good thing you made a list this morning while you were fresh, because you're pretty tired at this point of the day.) You get home, unpack, get ready to relax, and then realize that you're almost out of coffee. "Dang! And there was a Starbucks right there, too!"

How often does this kind of event happen to you? Once a day? Twice? It used to happen to the co-author of Intelligent Reminder at least once a day. So when he got his Smart Phone he thought, "Given that my phone is aware of where I am located, all I need is a simple app that let's me build a small database of "locations" over time, and then, at the moment I see that we need, say, coffee, I'll whip out my Smart Phone, key in coffee, and then designate some of the many places I know that I can get what I want. All I want is for my Smart Phone to then give me a little reminder ... "Are you aware that you're presently located quite close to where you can pick up such-and-such? An app that takes advantage of the Smart Phone like that, would save me easily15 minutes a day! How much would saving 15 minutes/day for the rest of your life be worth?

Well, happy days! MiBr Technological Services, combined with Google's advanced Android operating system, have brought this app to you ... and for the incredibly low price of $1.99.